Orgones information cards

We have started producing small cards containing basic information about orgone and orgonite.

“What are these lumps of metal you have everywhere?” – a fair and obvious question, often asked by friends and family.

“Errr… they give off good energy, look it up!” – can be the unprepared response, especially if caught off-guard.

These information cards provide an overview of both orgone and orgonite, along with details of materials used in Orgones pieces, and general guidelines and placement advice.
The cards are about the size of a credit card, ideal for keeping in purses and wallets.

They’re useful for providing information to people who want to know more, but also as a refresher for long-term users.

So keep an eye out in your next delivery – we’ve started to include them with every order, free of charge.

Published on: Apr 23, 2018


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